Carlotta Montanari

Carlotta Montanari is an Italian born actress, producer and journalist. Carlotta Montanari is a known and recognizable face in Hollywood today. Her acting talent has given her an identity in Hollywood. She was passionate for acting since childhood and pursued a master level course in visual arts to provide a shape to her professional career. She moved to Los Angeles to make a full-fledged career in acting and drama. She got coaching at the Actor Studio with the likes of Allan Miller and Penny Allen as her teachers. Apart from acting, she is a known journalist and successful tv show host worked for various national channels. She has taken up a few advertisements and, in addition, has ventures for brands, for example, eBay, Sony, Mattel, Arbitrary House and Ubisoft. Amongst her driving displaying assignments is that for the worldwide runners like Luxottica and VisionWorks. She has likewise shown up in undertakings identified with demonstrating of style brands, gems, wellness wear, and shades.

Carlotta Montanari is an Italian film actress and producer, former TV host and journalist. Carlotta Montanari was born in Rimini, Italy. She is an active helper and supporter of Horse Rescues and Dog Rescues groups.

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Carlotta Montanari, an Italy-born actress is now a known and recognized Hollywood name. The leading actress apart from her acting skills is also a renowned producer and TV anchor. She was enthralled by acting at an early age and moved towards acting and drama in the childhood. As her passion for acting grew, she moved […]